Art & Music classes

Art and Music classes develop talents and build a balanced personality, in addition to reinforcing critical thinking skills, building confidence and creating a safe space for free self-expression. The classes, which are for charcoal drawing for the adults and oil and water color painting for all ages, have revived buried talents and given them the chance to experience passion for arts. Hundreds of children and dozens of women have benefited from these courses over the years


The first theatrical sow was presented on November 1st,2013 by a group of children who have by now graduated from the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts. We have since then presented a great number of theatrical shows and we allocated a special room to organize numerous acting workshops. Our theatrical troupe has been supported by many great Syrian actors like Mohamad Karesli, Ziad Saad, Ajaj Salim and Hussam Al Shah


one of the most important activities that we have established over the years is the Choir. It focuses on teaching solfege to kids starting at 9 years old till two-voice singing. Our choir has gone through many trainings with the most prominent musicians in Syria like Besher Issa and Ghada Harb. Our adult choir has participated in the "Syrian Choirs" Activity in the Opera house in 2017. Our children choir includes around 50 chid from Mashta and surrounding villages and participates in local activities periodically


The school stadium was surrounded with stones and sand, which was not safe and could not accommodate supporters. We built cement steps 50 m long and 4 m high and the stadium is now capable of welcoming 1,000 supporters



The idea has emerged with Mrs.Rahaf Sarkis and her film "wahdon". It then lead to a screenplay writing workshop in 2017 with the supervision of Mohamad Karesli which resulted in many screenplays that have been turned into many short film. The workshop continued till 2018 with a competition of short films to reach its peak in 2019 by organizing a short film festival with the participation of great actors and directors like Mrs. Giana Eid, Mr. Mohamad Malas, Mr. Mohamad Abdel Aziz, Mr. Laith Hajo and Mr. Rami Koussa

the multaka library

We established a library and gathered over a thousand books for all ages and in three languages (Arabic, French , English)

The ceramics atelier

The ceramics atelier has been inaugurated in 2016 with a complete set of equipment and it is the best of its kind in the region. Since them, it is constantly aminated with training workshops for all ages and has been visited by national artists passing their experience. The products of this atelier are sold in all the bazaars and exhibitions we organize.

Recycled art

The Multaka suggested a recycling project for metal, paper and fabric waste to produce artistic works. In 2016, we created an artwork entitled "a walk" with metallic waste, then the "blue tree" in 2017 which was 4 meters high and composed of waste utensils from the inhabitants kitchens. In 2018, we created another metallic waste recycled project under the name of "path towards life". In 2020, we created various artworks with fabric and glue. And in 2022, we recreated the mythology of "the Rape of Europa" in real size by recycling huge quantities of used paper.

photography atelier

Various trainings and workshops have gathered amateur and professional photographers and they have participated in all festivals showcasing their work. Their artwork portrays nature, human and heritage elements. The atelier has also welcomed many artists who have participated in the exhibitions.

competitions of prose & poems for children and adults

A writing workshop for children and youngsters has been organized in the years 2018,2017 and 2019 and dozens of participants have written a collection of stories that have been published under the General Book Authority. We have also organized a national competition for prose poem writing from which three winners have emerged