We make the residents of Mashta El-Helou sort the waste in order to reduce the incidence of disease


We started with an afforestation campaign under the name of "I'll give you my name" through which we planted 200 pine trees named after the children of Mashta Al Helou inhabitants, and continued with other campaigns year after year. In 2020,we planted approximately 3,000 trees of different vital species, trying to compensate for the cutting down of trees due to the random expansion of buildings and for the rapid climate change that we are experiencing


Due to the widespread of waste in residential areas, main streets and in forests, we have organized several cleaning and awareness campaigns as a partial solutions for this problem

Plane tree treatment

the huge plane tree, casting its shadows in the middle of Al Mashta village, is over 500 years old and needs constant care. It is considered the oldest living tree in Syria. ElDelbeh has already lost a huge branch a couple of years ago and since then, we periodically treat it to preserve it

Rehabilitation of mar Elias spring

Our aim was to showcase the only natural water spring in Mashta, which was hiding garbage and banners. We designed it like the facade of a traditional Mashta house and used stones from the Mashta mountain, and it became an important attraction in the village experiencing

Ecological parks & Gardens

Since its establishment, the Multaka has worked hard to create wide green spaces in the area to fight the unjust tree cutting for the big building spreading. The result was the 'forest womb", the "Mashta Tahtani garden", the "martyrs garden" at the entrance of Mount Mashta


The mountains surrounding Mashta Al Helou have been devastated with fires two years ago, ravaging through hundreds of acres and destroying tens of thousands of olive trees, We have since then gathered donations to purchase professional fire-fighting equipment to protect our lands from such dangers, as follows: Two fire extinguishers with English engines specialized for big fire trucks, Three inch diameter hoses with horizontal pressure water canon, Two water tanks with 20 barrel capacity mobile and immobile and various other tools for cutting, drilling and manual fire extinguishers